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a hopeful new start

Instead of ONLY sitting here watching being amazed by people excelling at the things you find so interesting and think you’d love to excel in, why don’t you watch, learn and use your free training yourself to excel at that thing. Instead of sitting here each day filtering mindlessly through content that only provides yourself with the slightest pleasure, but incredible regret, that you could be achieving much more. It’s possible and it easy…depending on if you have the willpower and dedication to make the change. I’m glad I’ve finally written this down and begun sharing with whomever might stumble on these words. Maybe you might agree with me or perhaps you’ll disagree. That’s fine…it’s your choice…and this is mine, and I truly hope that whatever you choose to pursue is only bringing you happiness to your life.

I hope I can meet others who may also be in the process of wanting to make a similar change or those that already have and may have some motivation and guidance for me. I’d like to hope this is not just a new chapter in my life, but rather a new way of living and connecting with the world. Thanks for your time!

Electric Basement: [Contest] Skrillex Mothership Tour @ Koolhaus - 2 TICKET GIVEAWAY


Hello Tenants! In light of having such awesome followers, we at Electric Basement have decided that we want to give back to you Tenants. We currently have two extra tickets to the Skrillex show featuring 12th Planet and Nadastrom at Koolhaus (Guvernment) on October 15th, 2011. We want…

THINK GLOBALLY, ACT NOBLY: Beards by Druv Sareen

holy shit..totally read the ripped..that was fucking amazing..holy shit



Beards are awesome, not having a beard is like being bald but worse it’s on your face. Sometimes I look at clean shaven people and a single hair covered tear rolls down my face into my manly beard where it is eaten by the many inhabitants of my beard. I like to…

must start posting

damn school…and my short attention span :(